2020 Summer Internship Outputs

This page shares the depth of the outputs generated by Bright Minds, Fresh Ideas Think Tank Summer Internship Interns in Summer 2020. Explore the array of impressive project results produced by project teams representing Central Florida!

“Gauging the Impact of Conducting Research on the Financial Capability of Young Adults”

“Spondulics Internet Broadcast Platform Business Plan”

“Spondulics Internet Broadcast Platform Marketing Plan”

“Establishing Equity, Engagement and Enrichment in the United States Education System”

“The Importance of Young People Opening Non-Custodial Bank Accounts”

“The Community Reinvestment Act – History, Effect and Future”

“The American Economy in a Post-COVID Era – Challenges, Successes and the Path to Recovery for Small Businesses”

“The Human Right of Health Care”

“Addressing The Digital Divide – Ensuring Access to Internet for All”

“Improving Transportation Through Technology”

“Lessening the Impact of Hunger in the United States of America”

“Solutions for the Student Loan Debt Crisis”

“Promoting Equitable Access to Higher Education to End the American Racial Wage Gap”

“Building A Better Mind – Psychology’s Relationship with Financial Capability”

“Modernizing Central Florida’s Economy of Agriculture”

“Changes in the Florida Job Market in the Post-COVID Era and Its Impact on Society”