Spondulics Technical Education Program (STEP) Internship

The Spondulics Technical Education Program (STEP) Internship is a paid, five-week learning and professional development experience that debuted in 2022. STEP is designed to help Interns from across Florida develop foundational technology skills required for generating content and operating the internationally-viewed, financial-focused, “Edutainment” streaming broadcast platform, Spondulics.org, Powered by FPP Coalition.

This Internship opportunity will blend the essentials of film/video/TV production, website design, content creation, and professional development into a singular learning experience. Upon engaging in STEP, Interns will be able to create financial-focused, behavior-changing video content to be shared via a live broadcast event, and continuously broadcast as archived content on Spondulics.org.

What Does the STEP Internship Summer A Entail?

Are you a high school student who wants to learn more about film-making while being on your own reality show with other students your age? Then look no further because STEP is back: bigger and better than ever! For Summer A, the STEP internship will focus on a group of young filmmakers as they spend their summer in their very own Spondulics Hype House! For 4 weeks, these young filmmakers will create financial edutainment content, learn about the production process, and much more with the help of guest experts and their mentors. If you are a high school student who wants to develop your technical skills, learn more about filmmaking, and star in your own reality show on Spondulics, then, STEP: Hype House is the perfect fit for you! It’s your summer, your way with the help of Spondulics and Exodus Pro.

What Does the STEP Internship Summer B Entail?

  • Week 1 – Interns spend the first week engaging virtually, learning about Financial Capability and the various avenues in which Florida-based organizations, specifically FPP Coalition members, are making their impact. Interns learn about Design Thinking methodology, and how it can be used to help generate unique ideas to solve social issues. 
  • Week 2 – Interns implement the Design Thinking methodology learned in Week 1 to advance their team’s work, research “Financial Edutainment” content, and develop the necessary asset maps and storyboards to plan their own Financial Edutainment content piece. By the end of Week 2, Interns know what they want to film, why, and why the way they intend to portray their content is the most effective. 
  • Week 3 – Week 3 is the only live, in-person week of the program.  Interns create, using professional film equipment to capture their content, as well as engage in additional activities designed to further encourage their empathizing with the user, in accordance with the Design Thinking methodology. FPP Coalition Facilitators offer support to Interns as cast and crew as needed by the Intern teams.  
  • Week 4 – Following the live week, STEP Interns return to virtual space to begin editing their content. Supported by a team of producers, each team member will finish Week 4 with a final draft of Financial Edutainment content. This finalization takes place through peer review, editing work, and a one-on-one meeting with the Spondulics Media Manager to sign official licensing paperwork.
  • Week 5 – As Interns complete their Financial Edutainment content, they invest Week 5 learning how to apply the skills and methodologies imparted in STEP in their broader career settings. Week 5 consists of brand-building by each Intern. Interns will meet with the Spondulics Brand Manager and Technologist during their culminating week to brand their own creator page on Spondulics

What are the STEP Internship Outputs?  

Interns will work closely again with Design Thinking concepts to establish a foundational understanding of marketing strategies supporting Financial Edutainment, and bring those to their own content page to better share their content. 

At the conclusion of the STEP Internship, Interns who participate will have expanded their Financial Capability, Design Thinking skills, film and production skills, editing skills, and branding competencies. Their personally crafted Financial Edutainment content pieces will be broadcast on Spondulics indefinitely, and their creator pages will be available as a resource for themselves to use as resume support. 

To Learn More . . . 

  • If you are interested in learning more about the STEP Internship experience, Powered by FPP Coalition, please inquire with FPP@FPPCoalition.org.
  • To apply for the STEP Internship, please complete the Application Form on the Apply page of this site.