Hospitality Internship Program

The Hospitality Internship Program is a team-based, project-based Summer Internship initiative that will be piloted in 2022 thanks to CareerSource Central Florida, Powered by FPP Coalition. FPP will be offering this across Seminole and Orange County, with the opportunity for those in Osceola and Lake County to join if interested.

What Do the HI Summer Interns Do?

The Hospitality Internship Program develops rising professionals interested in Hospitality, ages 15-19, to become better prepared for their career and earning lives by focusing on the four developmental pillars of Leadership, Professionalism, Entrepreneurship, and Financial Capability (personal and business).

While developing in these critical capacities, the Interns are challenged through their development of an event plan to host a Symposium where other interns from the BMFITT program address societal and social issues directly affecting low- to moderate-income individuals, families, households, and communities across Florida and beyond. These interns learn the essentials of event planning, project management, hospitality acumen, and more, throughout their experience.

In What Ways are the Hospitality Interns Supported in Their Development?

Hospitality Interns are supported by a solid structure of professionals who guide the four-week HI experience. Each program is provided a set of Cohort Leads, a group of “near-peers” who offers support and accountability in their professional development journey.

Project Teams are also connected with working hospitality professionals from across and beyond Florida who serve as Project Mentors, Project Experts, and Guest Experts. Each of these roles enriches the Internship experience through frequent virtual and live connection, resulting in relationship-building, broader insights on project topic focus areas, and a finer-honed Event Plan and execution of the event: the End-of-Summer Symposium.

Learn More and Apply

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To apply for the HI Program, please complete the Application Form on the Apply page of this site.