Get in the Habit, Sammy Rabbit! Art and Finances Program

Sammy Rabbit Art and Finances Program


This Program offers elementary schools and youth organizations:

  • Membership in Sammy Rabbit’s Online Money School for teachers and their students.
  • The opportunity for students to participate in an art contest for prizes.

Sammy Rabbit’s Dream Big Youth Financial Capability strategy and curricula were designed by Sam X Renick to help K-5 students learn about and develop personal finance skills and money habits while they are young.

The FPP Coalition, with funding support from the Holthouse Foundation, partnered with Renick and Sammy Rabbit to develop a strategy to bring their Dream Big financial literacy education resources to teachers of third to fifth-grade classrooms throughout Florida.

Third to fifth-grade teachers interested in participating in the program and receiving free access to the resources as described above are encouraged to connect with FPP Coalition at

Resources will be provided on a “first request, first serve” basis while supplies last.

What Happens After Teachers Engage in the Program?  

Following the application:

  • The teachers and their students receive access and membership to Sammy Rabbit’s online Money School. Membership will allow teachers and students access to resources both at home and in school.
  • Teachers will be offered the opportunity to schedule a virtual book reading by the author. This will include a 15-minute question-and-answer period for students.
  • The return commitment requested by FPP Coalition is that teachers inform the Art and Finances administrator of their classroom size, to study the program’s level of impact. As well, if teachers are able, FPP Coalition requests permission from parents to photograph classroom activity using the provided learning materials. 

    Additionally, FPP Coalition requests teachers engaging in the Art and Finances program to complete the story-writing and drawing activity with their classes listed in the activities in the Money School content.  Teachers are guided to select a story, or a set of stories, that they feel are the best representation of Financial Capability and artistry combined.  FPP Coalition enters the selected stories to enter a statewide competition, where the selected student and teacher receive a prize.  

    Further Details Regarding the Program

      • Students may only participate through their classrooms only after their teacher has contacted FPP Coalition Art and Finances Program administrators at

      • Students and teachers who participate will experience elevated Financial Capability through their access to the provided Art and Finances resources.  

      • Any Florida-based third to fifth-grade teacher, private or public school, may join the Art and Finances Program.

      • School administrators may contact to request on behalf of multiple teachers in the same school or district.

      • Non-Profit and For-Profit Organizations may be considered for participation if the organization has Financial Capability development as part of its missional focus. Please contact for further details.