Get in the Habit, Sammy Rabbit! Art and Finances Program

Sammy Rabbit Art and Finances Program

Congratulations to Qualeer Hough for winning the Get in the Habit, Sammy Rabbit Arts and Finances Contest!


Sammy Rabbit’s Dream Big Youth Financial Capability strategy and curricula were designed by Sam X Renick to help K-5 students learn about and develop personal finance skills and money habits while they are young.

The FPP Coalition, with funding support from the Holthouse Foundation, partnered with Renick and Sammy Rabbit to develop a strategy to bring their Dream Big financial literacy education resources to teachers and youth organizations serving children throughout Florida.

Now, with funding support from the State of Florida, FPP is offering classrooms and youth organizations a chance to register to participate in the program.

All teachers and youth organizations who engage will have their students utilize Sammy Rabbit resources and learning materials to complete an activity where they create their own Sammy Rabbit story. Once students complete the activity, the teachers or youth organization representatives will submit their work back to FPP via scanned copy. These stories will be entered into a contest where Renick and FPP’s team will choose which story Renick will help to publish into a real book!

The winning student will have their book published, the winning teacher and/or the winning youth organization will receive funding of up to $5,000 to further their work with youth.

Pictures coming soon!