The FPP Coalition Youth Financial Capability movement includes a variety of initiatives under the Bright Minds, Fresh Ideas umbrella.  The arching purpose of this movement, focused on the rising generation, is driven by the notions of:


The next generation holds the key to unlocking the solutions to challenges the nation’s society has faced for decades; they simply require an environment that stimulates unfettered creative thought, with a focus on generating innovative solutions to lingering social issues.  


Young Community Leaders, Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs grow dramatically when they exercise the freedom to land upon their own answers to their unique what, why and how; the rising generation learns that life and career do not come with a standard playbook . . . instead, young people must play an active role in developing their own path to their future.     


Rising professionals, no matter their future career path, must possess the key desired competencies that will propel the future of commerce in the United States of America; Leadership, Professionalism, Entrepreneurship and Financial Capability form the essential knowledge and skill base that determines the rising professional’s future trajectory in career and life.    

These initiatives, powered by FPP Coalition in partnership with Orange County Public Schools/Orange Technical College, Seminole County Public Schools, Osceola County Public Schools, CareerSource Central Florida, and made possible by sponsorship from SouthState Bank, engage rising youth in rigorous Ideation, Exploration, and Preparation for what is next.